Crystal Knight

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Crystal Knight

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Hello All,

This is Crystal Knight. I made it around 2 years ago at this point originally with some 16 bit aoe1 software that I wanted to test. It turned into my competitive ai for the Emperor of Highlands 2 tournament, and participated in Emperor of Highlands 4. Inside AoE1 it focuses on training chariots and priests. This will mean the converted version trains monks and the scout line. The ai was originally made for AoE1 vanilla, so that means no scythe chariots (Hussars). When converted, the ai is around the CD level. Castles are a huge threat to this ai, but it seems to like using the scout and priest line fairly well. As with any aoe1 ai, counter units are not a thing. It has a build order, and it goes for it.

There are three different versions here.

One for the original game: Vanilla/Rise of Rome
One for DE
One for Return of Rome

Crystal Knight AoE2
(6.34 KiB) Downloaded 380 times
Crystal Knight Return of
(7.65 KiB) Downloaded 368 times
Crystal Knightv2 Vanilla and Rise of
(4.3 KiB) Downloaded 356 times
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