Barbarian v2.18

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Re: Barbarian v2.18

Post by Brainless »

one thing i was thinking of, why didnt you call it Barbarian 3.0 instead of 2.18? It is remarkably different. It would also be interesting for gameplay if version 2.17 was not replaced so people can team it up with 2.18. (i worked around that but not everybody would dare to)

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Re: Barbarian v2.18

Post by linetyreborn »

tonight mbl played (mattsalsa + barbarian ai ) and mbl did m@@ and one tower behind the wood , and we spectators started seeing the "no anti-trush for 90s" message all game i tried !chatoff and messages kept showing .

also some things i noticed: barbarians doesn't give up on building something fast, he only gave up on building a tower after losing 6 vils , and doesn't use house and palisade to fast wall vs m@@.
here is the link of the game

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Re: Barbarian v2.18

Post by _II2N_ »

Barbarian 2.18 introduced quite a few changes, yes, but the core remained mostly the same. In 1.9x -> 2.0 I rewrote large parts completely and it was the biggest structural change there has been, hence it deserved 2.0.

Voobly spectators can see all AI's chat to itself, which is just a Voobly issue. I have no plans to change that since Barbarian doesn't spam chat in normal conditions.

Barbarian only uses pretty generic building cancellation under attack. I guess with UP 1.5 you could more actively check whether specific buildings are worth cancelling, so I might consider adding such code in future.

Barbarian doesn't do quickwalls vs m@a, since implementing that properly would require quite a bit of work. That could also be possible to add in the future.

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Re: Barbarian v2.18

Post by Jineapple »

Barbarian tries to prevent boar lures by putting the scout between boar and enemy scout. It could maybe be an enhancement for WK to block the enemy scout instead and let the boar finish it off. When I tried laming enemy boars vs barbarian, the current behavior actually helped me a couple of times when I looked away a bit too long but barbie's scout prevented the boar from landing hits on mine.

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Re: Barbarian v2.18

Post by _II2N_ »

I think it should be trying to block the scout and not the boar. It may have had issues in MP, I should look into that.

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Re: Barbarian v2.18

Post by siraggelos »

Why doesnt the ai build walls?
How can i reenable wall construction again?

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Re: Barbarian v2.18

Post by Armelon »

Walling does not only cost a riddiculus amount of stone it also hinders the AI alot. While giving next to no defence benfits because the AI can't use a wall proper. None of the top AI's wall at this point in time. Perhaps in some future u will see some walling done by more advanced code then the basic wall.

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Re: Barbarian v2.18

Post by neilkaz »

We get a Barbarian AI as default in WK. Has this been updated to v2.18 or do we need to manually install 2.18 ourselves to use it in WK?

Thx for all your work.. neilkaz ..

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Re: Barbarian v2.18

Post by wattle »

"Updated to v2.18.
WK support added."

Barbarian AI has been added to WK after the update to 2.18, since the earlier versions didn't support WK.
Custom AI files for WK should be under [your-aoe2-install-path]\Voobly Mods\AOC\Data Mods\WololoKingdoms\Script.Ai\
(not sure if this path may vary)
You can open barbarian.per with notepad (or any texteditor) and check what version is stated at the top.

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Re: Barbarian v2.18

Post by Rocky82 »

I haven't been here in a while my last version was of Barbarian 2.16c. The fact that you are still improving what I thought was an already perfect AI is awesome. Can't wait to catch up on the others as well. I'm getting 2.18 now, what kind of differences could there be? I didn't think this AI could be improved upon.

I also just installed the newer UP. I had 1.4 now I have 1.5.

The sole reason I play old school AOE2 UP and not the HD or remakes is solely because of this website and the scripters AI's. You guys rock.

The scripts made here puts every other RTS games AI to shame.

God bless scripters!

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