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Re: Promi 2.10

Post by Promiskuitiv »

Hey everyone, I have some big news to share regarding this project.

I have officially handed over all work on Promi (which is also the default AI on the Definitive Edition of the game) to Offwo, known for his work on AIs such as Ulysses. This means that I will no longer be doing updates myself but Offwo will invest a lot of time to work on it on a consistent basis and also take all of the feedback posted into consideration.

The one exception to this is the final update which I will release here after the Dawn of the Dukes expansion for DE launches, which my Promi version will still support. This version will be unique, with some last adjustments and fixes I'm still adding until then.

If there's anyone who would have liked to see further updates from me: No worries, something exciting is going to happen (at least exciting for me :D ).

With less time available, but as a hobby I will be creating an entirely new AoE2 AI! :dance
Or almost entirely. :D It will incorporate quite a bit of the existing code of Promi to save myself time on straight forward features which are not related to a strategy (such as dark age villager micro) but I expect at least half of Promi's to not make it into the new AI or be heavily rewritten.

Why not just continue with my current Promi version? There are quite some things which I would like to change about Promi and how it's written, with Offwo taking over the work on this AI I feel that this is the best opportunity to take what I love in Promi and use it for a fresh AI which is more structured and readable.

As for how I will allocate my limited time on it: Army micro is something that I won't try to perfect until much later, I love working on the decision making part of the AI and perfecting some smaller things which are often overlooked. The current version of Promi will likely be more competitive for a couple of months at least but I'm already really looking forward to spend my hobby time on something fresh!

Now what will I name it if Promi is already taken... 11


PS: Thank you so much for the feedback everyone, I'll try to incorporate it into my new project as well as I can. Please feel free to send me suggestions, to keep this topic Promi (by Promi, I expect Offwo to create a new topic for his version) related I'll open a new topic for my new project.
Original creator of Promi, which has now been taken over by Offwo.

My new project is Naga, any suggestions and feedback are greatly appreciated! :)

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Re: Promi 2.10

Post by Felipe_EL_Guapo »

Dear Promi, on the one hand it is sad to hear you are leaving Promi DE, but on the other hand it is great to hear you have the passion to continue scripting as a hobby and your new monster, Naga, is on its way. Lately playing with Promi on DE, I'm amazed of how much it has improved since release.

Just to make sure I understood well, your last Promi DE version will come with the Dawn of the Dukes expansion? Also, nice to hear you are leaving Promi in good hands since Offwo develops quite distinctive AIs.

I listened to the interview with SOTL and you mentioned that Promi can get the number of military units of the opponent, but not its composition. As you are interested in the strategic decision making, I was wondering if once getting the numbers, Promi guesses the enemy army composition by scouting, so it can train the right counter units according to the strenghts of its own civ. In addition, wondering if it is possible that when the AI cannot explore to see the enemy composition, it can "guess" based on the game time, and meta and strengths of the opponent civ. E.g., min 17 against spanish, Promi sees a castle but no units, it could guess the enemy is training conquitadors. Or Bebers quickly increasing the number of militaries and haven't seen a castle, them it could guess they are trining cavalry. In short, does it have a sort of decision tree based on the enemy's civ streghts and meta game?

Some additional feedback for Promi, in Arena it risks too much the villagers too early collecting resources outside its base when not needed yet.

All the best to you with Naga and to Offwo continuing Promi.

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Re: Promi 2.10

Post by Edsato82 »

Hi Promi! a query

How can I make the 4 new civilizations of AoE2 DE develop their armor in the AI cd version? where can I find the encryption?

I would really appreciate your help

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Re: Promi 2.10

Post by kingdomzz »

Promi, how did you add your AI to the definity edition as the default ai?
Developer of GamesGod AI

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