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Promi 2.10

Posted: Wed Nov 30, 2011 5:51 pm
by Promiskuitiv
Plays all settings.

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Responds to standard taunts, special taunts:

22: tells Promi to cancel the 222 taunt.
32: stops Promi from booming without military (if it's doing that).
33: asks Promi to perform a full boom or just stop slinging if it was doing that before.
34: allows Promi to train navy.
35: forbids Promi to train navy.
35: asks Promi to cancel its strategy.
40: taunt this, flare a point on the map where you want Promi to build a market and it will attempt to do so.
60: tells Promi you want to sling it.
61-68: chat 230+[enemy player number] to ask Promi to target this enemy for 10 minutes.
147: asks Promi to delete his oldest market.
222: taunt this, flare a point on the map where you need Promi's help and it will attempt to send its army there to help you out (lasts for several minutes).
249: tells you how many resources it has at the moment.
250: declares the current strategy.

Re: Promi 0.9

Posted: Wed Nov 30, 2011 7:52 pm
by kram1138

I tested it and it did very well. It Fuedaled at a good time (around 14'). It then built 2 mining camps, a lumber camp and a market. ??????? What? 2 mining camps and a market? It didnt mine stone and didnt need the market yet. Although i am no expert, IMO you shouldnt build a market and an extra mining camp unless you need them. You could have used that wood to build a barracks or archery range. You did build an archery range but never used it. If dont train any archers or skirms you should get a blacksmith instead. Then it built a large army of militia, but even though it had well over enough resources, didnt upgrade them until most were dead from an enemy attack.

Another thing was that it didnt get enough farms in the dark age to sustain it.

Even though it doesnt sound like it, it did really well, and could have maybe won if if it had got men at arm upgrade sooner.

Re: Promi 0.9

Posted: Wed Nov 30, 2011 8:24 pm
by Promiskuitiv
Pressing F5 since i uploaded my AI and i'm very glad that someone tested it that fast!

So to get to the point, yeah as i said i'm a bad player and i build everything (like the stone camp) in advance so i didn't really think about it when i created the AI. ^^ My AI should have sent someone mining stone though, gonna look into that. Maybe i'll just leave beginning mine stone to when i advance to castle (and build the camp at that point too).
I built the market cause the AI could cease my mistakes in gatherer-percentages with that, but since it's gotten quite balanced i think i can leave the market out and build it later. ^^

The AI should've trained some archers but maybe it couldn't meet my requirements for training them. Gonna look into that too. Just btw: I also use this early archery range as a flush defense (even if it doesn't train units in feudal, it would if the enemy would try to flush). So should i get an archery range and a blacksmith for castling?

Argh that "late-personnel-upgrade" is well-known to me, already tweaked some numbers but it seems like i have to take an other look into that.

Now then... Thank you very much for your feedback, i really appreciate it! I will fix these things (and maybe even more if someone or myself discovers anything else) and add a few more counters and then in a few days i think i might release version 1.0 of my AI (and put it into the AoKH AI Scripting Ladder (even if it loses to everyone at first, i like competition)). :)

I'd be happy to get your feedback again when i release the next version! :)
And i won't do a new version for slight adjustments one can't recognize so it won't get too boring. ^^

Good day!

PS: I'm going to test your AI, too! :)

Re: Promi 0.9

Posted: Wed Nov 30, 2011 8:44 pm
by kram1138
now that i think about it, it may have had stone miners, and it never used any of ut, which would be even worse because you would be using villagers that coukd be doing something else.

Re: Promi 0.9

Posted: Wed Nov 30, 2011 8:52 pm
by jdstankosky
Just a question, why do you use "less-than" and "greater-than" instead of < and > ?

Also, you can save a line or two (or three, lol) and do
(current-age >= castle-age)

instead of
(current-age == castle-age)
(current-age == imperial-age)

Re: Promi 0.9

Posted: Wed Nov 30, 2011 9:38 pm
by Promiskuitiv
@kram: I just disabled stone mining until castle and am working on a faster castle time. :) And what do you mean with "never used any of ut"?

@jdstankosky: Well this was from the very beginning of my AI scripting when i just wanted everything to be working and wrote everything as understandable as possible. ^^ Everything's a bit messy. ^^

As i said i'm already working on a faster castle-age time etc., but it's more difficult than i've thought it would be. :O Old castle age time was around 21:XX if i'm right.
Thank you for the responses :)
Edit: Now my feudal age time is slower but my castle age time is faster. :>
Edit2: Fastest castle-age until now: 19:59 :D

Re: Promi 0.9

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2011 2:09 am
by Campeador
Instead of count your number of houses, it's usally better consider the population-headroom and the housing-headroom facts. They say better if you need houses or not. An example could be your lumber camp, which is built if a minimal number of houses. I've read it after to see what happens when you play Huns.

Things to study.

You can find interesting strategy articles in AoKH, in its University and here: ... 34740,0,30

Then you are prepared to understand why expert human players do waht they do in their games. So you'll be able to learn watching their recorded games:

Finally, download the Training AI, by Bear The Great. It's in the Blacksmith and it will result very useful to you to get your own ideas, give a personality to your AI, etc.

I could give your more "homework", but for the moment you'll have more than enough with this.

Re: Promi 0.9

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2011 6:58 am
by kram1138
Promiskuitiv wrote:And what do you mean with "never used any of ut"?
Sorry, i meant "it".

Another thing you could do is start mining gold sooner. It only started after it had advanced, then it didnt have enough to advance when it wanted to. You could start mining before advancing then as soon as you advance build two feudal age buildings, research wheelbarrow. Then, if you dont have enough resources top advance, just wait until you do. Dont train any villagers in the feudal age if going for a fast castle. Also dont build any military if you hope to have a very fast castle time.

Re: Promi 0.9

Posted: Sat Dec 03, 2011 4:08 pm
by Promiskuitiv
Working on it. ;)

Is there a better way of attacking than with a pure TSA? Sometimes my units sometimes stand still for quite some time (on the way to the enemy or even when getting attacked).

Specialization for byzantines incoming. :) But i only start working on it now and it might even be worse than the standard version. :D I'll try my best. :)

Re: Promi 0.9

Posted: Sat Dec 03, 2011 5:38 pm
by marathon
search for attack-groups and attack-now.
Also, study the TSA in Horde and... Strongbow. Phyrexx too.