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Hi all 😊
I’m happy to share my first AI “Rehoboam” with you

Rehoboam only plays DE and is only made for landmaps with standard map ressources and standard settings. It plays 1v1’s, team games and uneven player setups as well.
It’s made to play paladin civs in 1v1’s and as pocket in team games (especially likes Lithuanians) and likes to play Arbalest+Halbadier civs as flank in team games. (especially mayans)

The playstyle of the ai resembles that of the pre WK meta with flanks going for archers and pockets going fc knights. It has somewhat decent anti trush features and will do a little adapting to enemy strategy but not that much. It plays fairly greedy and defensive.
Rehoboam is still quite weak, only slightly stronger than the hard DE/HD ai’s. It plays at full strength at hardest and will cheat for resources at extreme. Difficulties lower than hardest will have weaker eco. Difficulty grading can be turned of by muting the “difficulty grading” load file in from main file.

I’m planning to rewrite and improve just about all aspects of Rehoboam. Currently I’m working on a big update for dark age DUC eco control. It is likely that support for all civs will be added at some point but is not the focus at the moment. Support for userpatch might be added in the far future.

I just started scripting in 2020 with no coding experience and most of Rehoboam is written with 2 months or less scripting experience. Due to this the code is VERY messy and probably quite bug-filled. Also much of the code has been written as a learning experience and in that process I’ve borrowed and altered a few pieces of code posted in the discord chat by other scripters. If any of this code is too close to other scripts I apologize, it will be rewritten from the ground in future updates. (should manly be sheep and deer rules)

Any feedback is welcome but since I plan to rewrite all of the ai at some point there is no need to point out all the small specific bugs, except for one stubborn bug where military units stop at random places around the map instead of attacking in late game team games (I’m using attack groups). Would be very thankfull if anyone figures out how to fix that behavior.
General advice for making future scripts simpler and more effective is also more than welcome.
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