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Post by DirkTryneli »

My Ai, will use Unusual Crazy Strategies

Full Scouts, Dark-Castle Age, working on
Full MAA, Dark-Castle Age, 0%
FC Knights, Scorps, 0%
FC Pikeman, Scorps, 0%

For now, i have borrow, Attack, Constants and Hunt, from jdstankosky, http://forums.aiscripters.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2711
Everything else is by me, inspired from the Script JD

Have to make my own Attack, Constants and Hunt Scripts

Game-type: RM
Map: Arabia
Resources: Standard
Victory: Conquest
Starting Age: Dark Age
Ending Age: Depends (Scouts Castle Age )
Difficulty: For now, use non rushing AI, 1vs1, my AI wont win
Civ: non Eagle
Pop: 200
UCS AI.rar
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Re: UCS Ai

Post by offwo »

Sounds interesting, but I don't think you uploaded a file.
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Re: UCS Ai

Post by jdstankosky »

I don't even remember making that AI, it's nowhere in my archives :rofl
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