Legacy AI Pack

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Legacy AI Pack

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This started when I was reading the entire "Hints of the day" thread. ER mentioned something regarding Tonto Clans AI forums. I found out they were no longer in existence, and I fell down a rabbit hole. Eventually on AOK forums, I found a link to the old website below.

https://web.archive.org/web/20030223185 ... ex.html#q1

This led me to many....many.....many.. old Japanese websites- some with tutorials, some with ancient old AI files.

Currently I have found around 25 AIs, and I have included them attached. Some might be included elsewhere- but are probably lost AIs. I have separated them into their website folders, and hopefully others will use them as well.

Particularly I am a fan of apricotknight.zip. He builds up a vast army, and then attacks you all at once!
Old AI.zip
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Re: Legacy AI Pack

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Thank you bro :dance

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