Immortal v0.9c

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Re: Immortal v0.9c

Post by zbhcn »

After the multiplayer game test with my partners, I found the following shortcomings:

1. When 300 population CAP, the arms in the imperial-age are relatively single. there are too many arms that do not cost gold , so the attack power in the imperial-age period is not strong.

2. Unable to effectively resist meat scout rush and harassment.

3. it can't cut trees on Michi map.

4. At most, only two allies can attack one enemy together, not more allies,so there are not enough troops to completely destroy the enemy.

5. There are too many archers and skirms, Even if gold is enough,which are not as powerful as paladin.and It's very easy to be restrained by mangonel-line.

6. After the enemy's wall was broken, they could not enter in time to kill the enemy's villagers.

7. Can we build buildings and houses between ourselves and the enemy so as to protect ourselves and get enough space for farming.

I expect it to be updated in time and become better, and finally release the DE version

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Re: Immortal v0.9c

Post by Aynshtaynn »

Great AI on so many levels, especially micro-wise. But there are a few problems, difficulties, if you will. Keep in mind that most of my examples are about archer line or missile unit builds.
  • If Immortal is committed to raiding, killing villagers will be the AI's only priority. One scout can and will decimate a whole army of archers.
  • Micro is beyond terrible against siege. The army dodges the first shot of an onager, then run into the second one, losing half the army, even if the army can outrange the onager with good micro, which is what Immortal is very good at. My guess is Immortal gets confused and think it's safe after the first shot, and ignore siege when microing against many units.
  • Immortal will never push leads. Raids are great, often very successful, but then the army will sit on the edge of the base, or surround it if possible, and stay there killing units until they are forced to fall back while the enemy bounces back. In 1vs1 it doesn't matter because Immortal will outboom the enemy while doing that but in team games it's a big problem.
  • This is a big one: Immortal will ignore relics. Not always, as I've seen a monk picking up one, but most of the time.
  • Missile units will delay shoots for way too long when fighting an army, even sometimes not shoot a single volley before dying. It usually happens big group vs another big group.
Edit: New information.
  • Especially in team games, Immortal never falls back to defend the base, even with huge armies, therefore loses too much to raids unnecessarily.

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