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Re: Snippets

Post by arandi »

Oh no, more ranged units AIs incoming ;)

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Re: Snippets

Post by kunyi »

Gj :dance
in ranged micro missing

(defconst goal "xy")

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Re: Snippets

Post by FireBall37 »

Alright, reuploaded again, fixing more mistakes and adding a new script from Marathon! :dance I decided to start numbering these for you guys because of how many mistakes I've missed and thanks Kunyi for pointing out the missing defconsts for the goals :head :rolleyes:
those hackers are just idiots, i spit on them :lol: - Mabuse

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Re: Snippets

Post by wattle »

I added the sheep claim and the first houses to "my" Mangudai AI and I love the sheep claim <3. The second house gets placed but the dumb vill next to it ignores it and moves else where. Need to unnoobyfy a bit more probably :lol:
Thanks MrElephant for setting me up ofc :rolleyes:

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