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Re: Bright Spark

Post by venomus »

I feel that this AI is very strong against other AIs 1v1, but weak against even low elo humans.

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Re: Bright Spark

Post by Bandit1990 »

Slight update which addresses some bugs:

- Added workarounds for a DE bug which majorly impacts AIs that use DUC. When an AI converts a human player's unit, DUC still sees the the unit as belonging to the human player. If you ever played against Bright Spark and just saw all it's units freeze in a group then this is why, the units were trying to attack a friendly unit. This is now fixed for Bright Spark.

- Updated so enemy Centurions, Composite Bowmen, Warrior Priests and Monaspa are all recognised by the Military Maths script so they are now taken into consideration when Bright Spark works out army compositions.
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