SistemaPereira 1.0 Definitive Edition (Lords of the West)

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SistemaPereira 1.0 Definitive Edition (Lords of the West)

Post by LordMacSir »


It will usually win against DE AI in Hard setting.

It will always lose on Hardest setting, even in 1 vs 1.

It won´t properly play water maps but can win some mixed maps.

Best maps: Oasis, Amazon Tunnel

Plays all Civs up to Lords of the West, researching the Unique Techs when needed.

Prepared for MAX-POPULATION 150.

LINK (RAR FILE WITH AI AND PER) : ... sp=sharing

Sorry for the messy everything and the comments in spanish.

I really need someone to try it and give me some ideas to defeat lvl 6 AI! (Or to make it more fun to play against, nobody has tried it yet :(

Thanks in advance.

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Re: SistemaPereira 1.0 Definitive Edition (Lords of the West)

Post by MrElephant »


Welcome to the forums, and thanks for submitting the ai. My apologies that no one has provided feedback to your AI.

I've taken a look at it, and have a few comments.

First, it should be noted this AI uses cc. I dont think this necessarily has to be the case. With a little effort, you could remove these ccs, and develop a nice eco instead that provides the proper amount of resources instead. Note- if cheats are not removed- the AI cannot participate in AI competitions (unless it is a cheating AI tournament)

Second- the AI produces an error if any other population amount is used besides 150. I would put a rule in your file that resigns if 150 is not chosen.

The AI seems to go quite quickly for palisade walls.

Overall, an interesting AI. Just a few ideas to consider.

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Re: SistemaPereira 1.0 Definitive Edition (Lords of the West)

Post by PereiraSystem »

Thanks for answering and for checking my AI, you are the first person ever to do it! :dance

I lost access to the other account had to make this new one.

About the cheats, yeah, i was only using AEGIS to make the game even faster and for testing, but it alters the game too much, I removed it.

I´m gonna fix the population thing before submitting again.

About the palisade walls, I started using them to protect me from knigh rushes in hardest setting, it seemed to work for some minutes.

Btw is there any way to build a palisade GATE? I didn´t find anything so with the goths I ended up doing shitty half-walls so I didn´t get totally locked.

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