Jester AI (Version 1.2 BETA)

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Jester AI (Version 1.2 BETA)

Post by screamingkoos »

Hello Everyone!

I have decided to create a new topic for Jester, as it is beginning to differ more and more from Forthwind, especially after this 1.2 beta update.

I have slowly but surely been working behind the scenes on updates for this AI as my next go-to AI! It has been some months since the last update, so I figured it would be nice to release what progress has been accomplished so far :)

If you do not know this AI is, then I suggest going to the "Forthwind" topic on this site and learning more about my 2 ai's there (Forthwind and Jester). I just don't have the energy to go full on explaining it again :lol:

I'll throw in a readme and updates.txt file with Jester here in case you are too lazy to go read the Forthwind thread (I too am a lazy individual sometimes so I hope this modest middle ground will suffice!)

All future Jester updates will be posted here, so please do enjoy, and also forgive my absence, I still love this game so so much I just have way less time these days to show it!

Any feedback or ideas for this ai would be GREATLY appreciated! I hope my ai can bring some new ideas to the table and provide a modest challenge for all of your ai's too! Happy scripting my friends and nothing but love from me here for all of your amazing creations too! :P


JESTER BETA (March 30 Release)
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Re: Jester AI (Version 1.2 BETA)

Post by venomus »

Really a good AI, hope you continue updating soon.

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Re: Jester AI (Version 1.2 BETA)

Post by neilkaz »

I get an error when I try to use this AI.

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