Ganesha (Indians)

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Re: Ganesha (Indians)

Post by marathon »

Kimberly Azula,
Taking into consideration that this AI is supposed to be minimalistic, I gave a few ideas that are in the line of low effort - big gain.
Considering that Philosopher is making many AIs, it would make sense to give him a push into making a core that will be present in all his AIs. This would help reduce his effort, and also increase his efficiency.

I just guessed what he wants to achieve and what he would prefer to hear rather than silence. Just because it says guru below my name does not mean that I am guru in anything really. I wish it said nothing.

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Re: Ganesha (Indians)

Post by halcyon88 »

Thanks for the feedback, guys!
A.K.A. TOAO_Philosopher (formely TOAO_ReLeNtLeSsS, TOAO_Leo, TOAO_Ayubu_, TOAO_FSpirit, _TOAO_HussY_ and TOAO__HussaR_ (even before that, Deadly_Hussar— and DEADLY POISON on AOKH back when I was REALLY young)).

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Re: Ganesha (Indians)

Post by MrElephant »

I think Marathon definitely has the right idea about AIs being in a central location- kind of combining his ideas.

This is why the other day I put something together for Philosopher that combined all of his AIs. It was pretty simple, as he doesnt use that many defconsts. My suggestion is that he includes that file for everyone to review after he replaces the newly updated Indian version instead of the old version I sent him.

Philosopher's AI is kind of like Petersen in a way. It can play many different types of Civs, just at varying levels.

If I could combine my AIs like Brandy AI, Reactionary, Ahulane, and others I'd definitely do so. (but my code is too messy :( )

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