Eagles Revenge v7.6

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Re: Eagles Revenge v7.6

Post by CheeseOnToast »

Still a strong AI, can still beat some modern UP scripts, impressive work. Improved v7.6 coming soon? :ph34r:

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Re: Eagles Revenge v7.6

Post by Esty »

One defensive tower to protect the town during the transition to the castle age would be all what that lovely AI need to express all is power <3
ER already knows this☺
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Re: Eagles Revenge v7.6

Post by UnfairestEel »

ER7 sells stone for more gold. This gives it a chance to win even if the flusher hits gold, it also makes it easier to fc-> a (potentially) faster fc time results.

The fastest way to make this ai stronger, would be to let it be more flexible (ie stop training eagles vs jaguars :lol: ) But ER will never do that, because it kills the idea of this ai. He did do it with pikes vs knights though, but there are a few good reasons for that:
1. Knight strategies 'were' common and a well executed one naturally defeated ER
2. Pikes also come from the barracks and use the same upgrades-> it's a natural switch from eagles to pikes.

I do believe that ER could probably further optimize this AI's "fast" fc, and make it the default strategy regardless whether the enemy flushes.
Replacing wheel barrow research in feudal with 2 villagers is advisable-> it is much easier to execute (meaning you can get even more ambitious with castle times) and is also naturally faster. Wheel barrow is advised for large number of dark vills, but against the modern ai flush, you should be aiming to get to castle age faster so there will not be as many dark age villagers.
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Re: Eagles Revenge v7.6

Post by FireBall37 »

Does anyone know if ER is still working on this project??? It is AMAZING!! I think with new UP improvements (deer luring etc), the fc time could be even faster. B)

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