Daedric AI v1.10aa

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Re: Daedric AI v1.10aa

Post by Armelon »

Armelon wrote:Is capable of playing Land Nomad now, well, atleast it doesnt instantly bugg out anymore upon seeing the map.

Don't think there are any other changes, dont remember long time ago since i looked at this :)
I think i did, Ill run a game right now to check. Working on Maiar beeing competiable with Nomad and Land nomad at the moment aswell.

Edit: Ye seems to be working fine, i highly doubt that it will come anywhere near to getting a win vs Barbarian though... :D

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Re: Daedric AI v1.10aa

Post by Esty »

GREAT :D thank you Armelon ! In fact your last version works (just tested too).
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Re: Daedric AI v1.10aa

Post by scripter64 »

Thanks, Armelon! That set will be interesting to watch :)

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