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Re: TRiBaL_Warriors

Post by zbhcn »

Esty wrote:
Tue Dec 01, 2020 11:05 am
Thx zbhcn, your comment is very appreciated !
Its hard to compare tribal with barbarian in DE, as far as Barbarian hasn't been updated for long and is actually not DE-compatible. My goal is to make tribal able to defeat the standard AI regularly :devil
The barbarian AI was very strong in Imperial-Age because:
1. It will temporarily adjust the proportion of farmers according to their arms in order to achieve the best economic balance.
2. It will build enough buildings, such as stables, barracks, castles.
3. According to the situation of military strength, it can adopt three attack modes: DUC patrol attack + TSA+Attack-now.
4. It can cooperate with attacks when it encounters allied offensive teams, such as cavalry with archers.
5. It will give priority to forward Castle, using the castle as the attack base.
I hope the above information will help you to improve AI.TRiBaL_Warriors is too conservative and cautious in his offensive strategy, giving the enemy enough respite to wipe out the enemy at once.I'm chinese,so sorry,my english is poor.

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Re: TRiBaL_Warriors

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I just want to say, even if it's not related to my AI, that's very good feedback zbhcn. :)
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My new project is Naga, any suggestions and feedback are greatly appreciated! :)

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Re: TRiBaL_Warriors

Post by Esty »

yes thank you zbhcn ! I'l do my best in the near futur to keep improving tribal, following ur advices ! :)
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