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Re: InFamous-Celtic

Post by LightTree »

A little suggestion: when you release a new version, make a new post so we can be aware more easily of the new update :).

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Re: InFamous-Celtic

Post by Esty »

I just tested one game in which infamous had more than 500w in feudal age but he didn't have the number of villagers required to make farms : it stayed with one farm and 22 villagers. He could'nt train a 23th villager which is a condition required, in your code, to start making farms in feudal :

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(building-type-count-total archery-range > 0)
(unit-type-count villager > 22)
(building-type-count-total farm < 8) 
(idle-farm-count <= 1)
(can-build farm)
(build farm)
And the food gathered from that unique farm was used to make a spearman :( ...
At least, this code isn't good ; those conditions look weird to me. The number of villagers shouldn't be a condition to build farms.
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