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Re: Reuploaded

Post by Esty »

TheNightPanda wrote:
Mon Oct 04, 2021 2:11 pm
Reuploaded removing an anoying debug chat. Surprised noone mentioned this :p
i did, but using chat-local-to-self by mistake :(
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Re: Rehoboam

Post by Figo3434 »

One thing I noticed is that up to now, it may be too easy to dodge Rehoboam's circling the enemy TC by collecting resources further away from the towncenter. I guess no other AIs attempt to do so yet, which is why this issue would only arise when playing against humans.

In the attached rec game, Rehoboam at least scouted my double lumbercamp in the distance, so if it could send two archers there with its godlike micro, it would be enough to cause some trouble. Given the fact that it tends to scout almost the entire map, at least the necessary intel would be already available.

Another solution could be to withdraw the archers from the enemy base if the enemy hits castle first - if Rehoboam had regrouped them in its own base, it would have been quite another matter.
1v1 vs Rehoboam.rar
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Re: Rehoboam

Post by Arpheus »

The Viper made a video about the Final between Rehoboam and Barbarian. Nice to see it is getting some additonal attention!

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Re: Rehoboam

Post by linkn00 »

i think ur zip file is broken. could you upload it again

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Re: Rehoboam

Post by Leif Ericson »

It works for me. Maybe you're having issues because it's a .rar file instead of a .zip file? You can try using 7zip and see if that allows you to unzip the .rar file properly.
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