fatslob AI

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fatslob AI

Post by dontwannaregister »

Does this forum take requests? I couldn't figure out where this thread should go based on forum descriptions, so if it needs to be moved, then go for it.

I'd like to request an AI based on the very predictable, very frustrating, play of the legendary fatslob.

Immediate multiple layers of wall, boom, and trebs/bezerks with a death ball of scorpions behind. It should, of course, immediately resign if you pick any civ that isn't Vikings, or a map that isn't Black Forest :D

Not really sure how to get around the fact that Onagers can cut trees, and fatslob plays on settings where onagers DON'T cut trees, but it's an AI, so I suppose you can just promise to not cut trees against it.

If difficulty can be modified, I guess all it would really need is different APM speeds. Honestly, I wish I could play some of the more "realistic" AIs but at a much slower APM so they don't destroy me lol

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Re: fatslob AI

Post by TheNightPanda »

There are some scripters doing ai's for forrest nothing which could probably also be modified to play fatslob style. Otherwise you can always try to make your own ai. There is always someone to help out on the discord forums :)

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Re: fatslob AI

Post by marathon »

Multiple layers of wall is very hard, honestly. Other than that, it should be doable.

But instead of Fatslob, we could call it Grok :dance

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