AI request - Solid, but Slow?

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AI request - Solid, but Slow?

Post by dontwannaregister »

I'm having some trouble finding a challenging AI to play against. It's either way too easy, or way too hard.

The easier AIs do stupid things like send one unit at a time to fight, while the harder ones just overwhelm me after one mistake,

I'm a decent player that knows the fundamentals, watches a lot of pro games, but I'm just slow. I'd like an AI that plays solidly (masses units, etc), but simply waits around thinking like a slower human player would.

If there is a way to slow down an existing AI (lowering the APM or whatever), I'd like to know how to do it. Or if there is an existing AI that plays like a good player, just slowly, then I'd like to know about it. Like, idling the TC for several seconds before remembering to create a villager, for example, or getting the timing wrong on a boar lure so the villagers have to wait, or waste food on the previous sheep. Or forgetting about the scout for minutes at a time. You know, stuff I do all the time haha

Maybe I should just find other noobs and play multiplayer lol. Thanks for your help!

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Re: AI request - Solid, but Slow?

Post by TheNightPanda »

Your defination of slow probably differ from many other people. In terms of not overrunning you with early aggresion there are many ai which are less agressive. These will ursually not have the greatest micro though. You could try and experiment with using taunts to make the ai be less agressive, this is something I think is available to many of the top ai’s. Especially the DE AI.

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Re: AI request - Solid, but Slow?

Post by Leif Ericson »

You might try LuSnake:

If I remember right, it's a passive AI that only trains military to match the military population of its opponent, but it has all of the micro of Jacky Lin's Beginner AI (which has a lot of micro).
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Re: AI request - Solid, but Slow?

Post by FireBall37 »

Have you tried setting the difficulty to easy or easiest? AI's like Barbarian have built-in handicaps to make them easier.

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