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Re: Naga

Post by Promiskuitiv »

Reuploaded to fix an error that popped up when playing as the Britons, forgot to include an update to the constants file in the upload.

I haven't kept a changelog for Naga but most noticeably I've added new strategy variations for Arena-style maps recently.
There were also some improvements to Naga's Dark Age and many other smaller polish changes. :)

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Re: Naga

Post by venomus »

Very good AI!!

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Re: Naga

Post by stardot »

Does it work with AoC UP 1.5?

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Re: Naga

Post by wattle »

stardot wrote:
Fri Nov 11, 2022 11:09 am
Does it work with AoC UP 1.5?
No, it uses more than 16 commands per rule

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