PereiraSystem AI Dynasties Of India 0.3 - The Wallmaster

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PereiraSystem AI Dynasties Of India 0.3 - The Wallmaster

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Last version changes: now building outer palisade wall and inner stone wall with some secondary gates, they will only build after some gates have been placed to avoid blocking.

- It won´t properly play water maps but can win some mixed maps.

- Best maps: Oasis, Amazon Tunnel

- Plays all Civs up to Dynasties of India, with all techs and units (except arrowslits and siege towers i have to check) researching the Unique Techs when needed.

- Optimized for 150 population, should play 175 or 200 more or less the same.

- Now only winning some Amazon Tunnel battles against Magyar (my default opponent for testing) in hard mode. Seems they made the DE AI smarter.

Please check it and give me your opinion!

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