The Smush

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The Smush

Post by MrElephant »

This is a tutorial ai dedicated to Kewo and new scripters around the community.

Original Twitch Video here:

The intention of this script is to show how to script using a variety of resources including the ai encyclopedia and "ClipPER: AoK AI/PER scripts editing utility"-link below. ... ileid=5430

The strategy of this script follows The Sheriff's and Out4Blood guide here with a build order on page two. Wayback is being used, as the original guide was taken down several years ago. Should note this ai plays Saracen as its preferred civ! ... /the_smush ... mush_page2

The ai itself conforms pretty closely to the build order. Forward monasteries were removed due to being attacked too early.
However, this ai can easily be manipulated to add additional features. Some recommendations to improve this ai might be-

1. To add an imperial age.
2. Add additional monk techs.
3. Add a better economy.
4. Maybe add a wall.
5. Add counter units.

Feel free to manipulate as you see fit. However, the base AI attached this thread is Kewos - and is considered his ai.
The Smush
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Re: The Smush

Post by Kewoaschako »

thanks for your help and the starting script MrElephant :)

i added some small stuff and created Pen Squadron from your script :)

it even won a specific matchup against the HD AI :lol:

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