The Merovingian

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The Merovingian

Post by Tyrian »

This is a new AI that I'm experimenting with and hopefully won't forget about. Its supposed to play the Franks but it can play any race and should function just fine in a 1000 pop game. I am sorta new to AoEII AI Scripting and I think everyone already knows I'm not the best at it. There are at least 2 other projects I'm working with and this is what I submitted on short notice but yeah, it works. It took me a while to get AoEII to work on my PC but I figured it out...

Anyway, this AI is small and was based on a template from a much better scripter than me.

Credit goes to II2N.
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Re: The Merovingian

Post by MrElephant »

I tried out this ai earlier today, and it seems eerily familiar to another ai we all know and love from The Max/II2N. What distinguishes this adaptation from his AI? As you stated, you based this AI off his knowledge. This knight rush is pretty fast.

Since you stated all civs, will an eagle rush be included- or is your focus just knights?

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